Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Never Pass Up Snuggles

Once you have a baby, you'll probably get sick of people saying "they grow so fast". I hear it at least twice a week. It's getting old, but it's totally true. I feel like it was just yesterday I was driving my fat pregnant ass to the hospital, but evidently that was really 5 months ago...and I'm sure 5 years will sneak up on me. 

Per usual, on the weekends my husband gets out of bed way earlier than any human should for plain shits and giggles. I sleep until the baby wakes up and then I get her and nurse her in bed with me. She usually falls asleep. I got out of bed to pump and came back to check on her. My plan was to get some laundry folded while she slept, but that didn't really happen. I looked at her sleeping on the bed and melted. There's nothing more heart warming than a sleeping baby. Quite often I look at her and think to myself she's so little, I want this moment to last forever, but I know after today she will never be X amount of days old. And each day she'll grow older and older. 

Anyways, instead of folding that laundry, I gently got back into bed and snuggled. Laundry will always be there, these morning snuggles won't be. Don't ever pass up on the snuggles.

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