Friday, May 30, 2014

Everything Gives You Cancer

I'm pretty sure we've all said this before. You're about to enjoy a nice diet coke when someone tells you how awful aspertame is and how it causes cancer. I usually respond with a 'yea I know, everything does' and then wonder if each sip is slowly killing me. Yea, thanks Buzz-Killington. That was the old me, before I had kids. Then I got pregnant and you start to worry about all the shit you put into your body that you don't want the baby to get. Well, I thought that feeling would go away, but when the baby came; I had this little epiphany. My usually self that didn't really care and knew someday, I would indeed die. But instead you see this new baby and think yourself that you don't want to miss a single beat and you'll do anything to ensure that.

OK, I'll stop drinking diet coke.

Let's fast forward a few months. I get invited to this 'Ava Anderson' Party. Like Pampered Chef, it's a new kind of home party. You call the ladies over, have some wine and buy some shit. Boy, was I in for a surprise with this one. They have this awesome marketing plan; it's called 'the scare the shit out of everyone and they will buy your non-toxic products' plan. Well played, Ava, well played. They give you a bunch of information about all sorts of chemicals in products that you use everyday, like shampoo, chapstick, lotion, obviously cleaning products and so much more. The most shocking information was all those "organic" products you buy, have all sorts of toxins in them. The label may say how organic and natrual it is, but the truth is in the ingridient list.

Anyways, I did end up buying a few products, after all those people best be coming to my tupperware party, amiright? But that's another point in my life when I decided educate myself on what I'm buying and how can I "go green", but also save money. So far the Ava products I have used are fabulous, but they can be a little pricey. I'll probably continue to buy their products for my baby, but now I'm very conscious of what I'm using. Stay Tuned; I'll be sharing some DIY recipes for everyday products. Save Money, Go Green! 

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