Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Breast Products

As you'll see here, I'm a huge pro breast feeder. I do think that breast is best but luckily if you're not able to, there is an alternative. Breast feeding can be difficult, but with support from others and good products you'll be golden!

Here are a list of products I would suggest;

Products for Mom
Nipple Creams - The first few weeks your nipples are going to take a beating. There are a few creams out there to help your nipples heal. The most commonly used cream is lanolin. Lansinoh makes one. You can also try earth momma, angel baby's nipple butter.

Soothie gel pads - These things are great! But they are pricey and only last 72 hours or something like that. Save these for when you're in dyer need.

Another good tip is to let them "air out". Yea, that's right, hang out toppless. All that moisture in your bra from leaky boobs doesn't let your nipples heal too quickly. So going toppless for a few hours is a great help. Leaving on a little expressed milk is even better. 

Breast Pads - until your body regulates, you will leak. So breast pads are essential. There's 2 different routes you go; disposable or re-useable/washable. Or like me, you can use both. The best re-useable ones you can get are Bamboobies. They are pricey, but worth every penny. They're cute, discrete and don't leak. The inside is soft on you and the outer layer won't let milk leak through. Their cheapest on

As for disposable, sometimes you'll go through so many that you'll just want the disposables. Or if your out in public and don't want to deal with stashing soggy used breast pads in your purse - use disposables. There is a wide variety of pads you can use. One good brand is lansinoh. Their individual wrapped, so don't need to open 2 at a time and their contoured so they don't look weird under your clothes, like some of the other brands. 

Nursing Bras & Tanks - Deffinately invest in some good bras and tanks. You'll be wearing them for quite some time. I'm not a pro in this department, but I do know that bravado is the leading brand. I do have a few of their products and am very happy with them. Best advice I can give anyone is to try and find a shop that let's you try on the bras. Unfortunately, your averge babies r us just has them in packages and you can't try them on, so you have to wing it. Not cool!

Nursing Pillows - get one! Most people will argue whether the Boppy or the Brest Friend is better, but truth is, they both do the same thing. If you're handy like me, you can actually nurse hands free. The trick is to set baby up and prop his/her head up with a burp cloth or folded up blanket. That means more hands to google things or play games on your iPad. Whatever pillow you decide on, buy an extra cover!

Nursing Cover - I know some woman don't care mind showing some skin, but some of us do. Nursing covers are pretty much a blanket that straps around your neck so you don't expose your breasts. I actually have a crafty friends who made one for me. I find it to be very helpful, especially with certain outfits that aren't 'nursing-friendly'.

Hope this helps! I'll save pumping gear for another day!

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